Gather ye rosebuds while ye may

What's Up These Days

The reason why this article is written in English is that I’m using vim which is not chinese-display friendly.

The reason why I’m using vim is that vim is my only choice in a ssh.

And ssh is the easiest way I can imagine to connect to my computer’s shell.

so, what’s up?

Well, people change, things go wrong, shit happens but life goes on.
I’m still working out every one or two days. I like this full-body-controll thingy.
No more youtube channel, no more WestWorld. The latest episode is unwatched.
Today, i got a money support because of my personal open-source project, this guy likes it.
And today, I saw my colleague forwarding an advertisment of job offer in his Wechat moments, and this job offer discribed what should I do for work.
My poor English can not discribe how I feel.


gather ye rosebuds while ye may
yesterday’s still a flying
and same flower that smils today
tomorrow will be dying

that’s all for these days